Jim's Genetics Women's T-Shirt

$46.00 AUD

Are you fatigued? Sick? Suffer from erectile disfunction? Lack Restraint and/or Vigour? Dick don't work? Bad dick? Let Jim's patented nasal spray get amongst your genetics and really go to town on your DNA. He'll turn those double helixes into putty in his hand. It worked on lab rats and it'll work on you, whether you want it to or not! (*Jim's Genetics is a fictional entity which shares no actionable resemblance to people or organisations)

As heard on bonus episode 'Jim's Wet Dome'.

Artwork by James Fosdike

Size guide (cm)


Size guide (inches)

Width17 ¼19 ¼21 ¼23 ¼25 ¼
Height25 ½26272828 ½